Steven Bowden '01

My wife Megan and I welcomed twins to the world on September 1, 2016: Charlie (boy) and Reese (girl). We also have a four-year old son Bennett. My wife was an ADPi at Tech.



Erwin Schemankewitz

I've parted ways with Rocky Mountain Artists, the agency I was working with prior and started my own venture, Ever Upward Entertainment. We too focus on booking and management and hope to expand into an “all-encompassing” music agency and partner with publicity companies, promoters, manufacturers, record companies, etc. in order to provide a full service to our roster.

Mark Smith

Hard to know where to's been so long since December 1982 when I “got out”! I retired really early from a career in management consulting in 2007. Not at all the way I had it planned, but like so many things, better than I had planned! Two boys, neither an engineer, both musicians. Not a grandfather, least that I know of!

We live in Macon...we being me and my wife of over 33 years, Bonnie. She is by far the best thing I got out of Sigma Nu. We met at a rush party in the fall of 1979, and about 40 brothers were at our wedding in 1982. Our house cook, Ann Russell and her husband Bobby came, too.