Greek Life Continues to Grow and Give Back...Here's Why

Greek Life Continues to Grow and Give Back...Here's WhyWhat do we take with us after graduation?

Recently, the North-American Interfraternity Conference and National Panhellenic Conference partnered with Gallup to conduct research on the wellbeing of fraternity and sorority members. These Greek society governing bodies wanted to really know if their members were actually better off after college graduation because of their Greek experiences. And to no surprise, it showed they were.

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Blueprint Flashback - 1979

Blueprint Flashback - 1979Re-Visiting 1979 Sigma Nu at Georgia Tech

This month we are taking the photo time machine back to 1979 at Georgia Tech; a gallon of gas was $.86, "Alien" and "The Deer Hunter" premiered in theaters , the Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl, Pink Floyd released "The Wall," the ESPN network was launched and the Soviet Union and the United States signed the SALT II Treaty. ...but where were YOU that year?

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Who Was Your Wing Man?

Who Was Your Wing Man?Tell Us About Your Partner In Crime Back in the Day!

Brothers....We all have one or HAD one when we were in college. The guy who always had your back, helped you out when no one else would, knew all of your angles without needing an explanation, covered for you, backed-up your exaggerated stories and played along with your pitches to women at the bar. Who is the best “wing man” you ever had?

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