Stuck at Home and Self-Isolating? Sigma Nu Has an Assignment for You

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It’s time to (metaphorically) get out there and create some connections...

If you’re sitting at home right now, quarantined and following your local stay-at-home orders, and the most exciting parts of your day have been breakfast, walking the dog and watching sitcom reruns on television, then you may feel just a twinge of guilt when you see how some are using their newfound free time.

Maybe a fellow Georgia Tech alum in your Facebook feed just completed a complex carpentry project. Maybe you’ve seen the many social posts going around proclaiming how Shakespeare wrote “King Lear” during a plague quarantine or how Newton began developing his theory of gravity during a similar quarantine, and so what’s your excuse?

Whatever the reason, if you’re feeling a little down and unmotivated while self-isolating, you’re not alone. It’s not uncommon to feel a bit morose if you haven’t been as productive as you’d like the past few days or weeks — but that’s also a good thing.

Why? Well, more and more, we’re seeing that this health-related need for social distancing is pushing communities — such as communities of Sigma Nu brothers — closer together. More and more, brothers both from Gamma Alpha Chapter and all over the country are now connecting, thanks to the power of technology.

Here’s what one of our Sigma Nu Brothers had to say about it: “COVID-19 has shown us how important human-to-human contact is — the bonds created through Sigma Nu are more noticeable when we are isolated. It tells us that human contact (family, brotherhood, friends) is vital.”

We may not be able to converge together in Atlanta for reunions or other Georgia Tech and Sigma Nu alumni events in the immediate future, but we can still come together, as soon as today. Email your Sigma Nu Brothers. Give them a call. Friend them on Facebook. Set up a group video chat so you can talk about the good times and joke about what you’re all doing during quarantine.

Not sure where to start? Use our online directory to find your Sigma Nu Brothers’ contact info right now. Need a little inspiration? Read the latest Sigma Nu alumni news on our website. One of our recent alumni updates or flashback photos might spark a memory or two. Set up a ZOOM call between you and your old pledge brothers or other brothers that were there when you were. It's a great time to have a virtual happy hour!

Whatever you do — don’t keep sitting on the couch watching TV for hours at a time during quarantine. You may not feel like writing an internationally renowned play or developing a scientific theory, but you can definitely still do something productive: You can keep the Sigma Nu spirit alive by connecting with your Brothers today.