February Question of the Month Results

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Our question of the month in February asked all Sigma Nu Georgia Tech Brothers share their favorite bars and restaurants from their days as college students in Atlanta. We got a few responses back that we wanted to share (answers come in anonymously). Let us know if you have any more stories or pictures you would like to share by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Tell us which restaurant or bar in Atlanta was your favorite! Which story comes to mind when you think of this place?"

Response #1 "Grandstands! I liked that bar so much that I absconded with the huge sign that faced Peachtree on the front of the building. It had sharp edges, but I was well-numbed enough to not feel it slicing my hands as I held it out the cab window on the way to our apartment in Vinings."

Response #2 "Orchestra Pit"

Response #3 "Orchestra Pit. I had my 21st birthday there; shared a trash can with a pledge Brother's girlfriend who was also turning 21 that night. Danced/rapped to Beastie Boys "Body Moving" by myself.

Response #4 "Moe's & Joe's"

Thank you to the Brothers who sent in their responses!