It's Your Last Chance to Join the Sigma Nu Honor Roll!

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The holidays are the time of year when we reflect on our happiest memories. For many of us, our experiences at Georgia Tech with Sigma Nu were some of the best of our lives. Whether it was a festive meal at the House with Brothers, a fun night talking or playing games by the fire, or a memorable winter formal, the memories of this time of year are among our fondest.

As the year comes to an end, so too does another Sigma Nu giving year. We have less than a month left to meet our annual fund goal. To preserve the legacy of your time with Sigma Nu, and to ensure future generations can have those same life-changing experiences, we call on you for help.

This is the time of the year when we draw family and friends close, and when we express gratitude to them for all they have done. Our fellow Sigma Nu Alumni Brothers are our family, our time with them having forged an unbreakable bond of Brotherhood. The time we spent with our Sigma Nu Brothers was one of the greatest gifts we ever received. 

Sigma Nu is only able to survive because of generous donations from Alumni like you. To those who have already donated and have joined the Honor Roll, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Listed below is every Brother who has donated so far.

Inner Circle Leader ($1,000+)
    James Ransbotham    1971
    Gary Jones    1971
    Michael McCloud    1985
    Alex Brown    1997
    Joseph Gammie    2014

Way of Honor Supporter ($500 - $749)
    Kelly McKeague    1981

Light of Truth Supporter ($250 - $499)
    John Cummings    
    Colin Field    
    V. Hawley Smith    
    Stephen Bledsoe    
    Robert Templeton    1952
    Fred Jordan    1957
    Raymond Myers    1966
    Hugh Little    1967
    James Meyer    1968
    Steven Menke    1969
    Patrick McKenna    1974
    Matthew McKenna    1980
    Robert Goldschmidt    1983
    Marcus Bailey    1997

White Star Club ($100 - $249)
    Caldwell Dial    
    Guy Miller    
    R.K. Whitehead    
    Clifford McConnell    1954
    William Scott    1960
    William Sorrells    1962
    Adiel Adams    1962
    F. Mark Conway    1962
    James Felte    1963
    George Smith    1963
    Darrell Elwell    1965
    Philip Armstrong    1965
    George York    1966
    Joseph Netherland    1968
    Wyman Jones    1968
    B. Scott Rich    1969
    Alfred Hackney    1970
    H. Davis Whitehead    1970
    Russell Cooley    1970
    Sherman Glass    1971
    Jeff Golden    1971
    Robert Kelly    1971
    John Ross    1972
    Thomas Sanville    1972
    James Underwood    1972
    Russell Childers    1972
    Francis Spears    1973
    Rufus Rudy Johnson    1974
    Stephen Day    1974
    Charles Douglas    1974
    Ronald Elliott    1975
    Carl Williams    1976
    Chuk Darsey    1976
    Franklin Shuler    1977
    Stephen Schaetzel    1979
    Duke Claussen    1979
    Mark Phair    1982
    Tracy Haas    1984
    Michael Gross    1986
    Randy Blackmon    1988
    Peter Lyle    1988
    Paul Jensen    1989
    William Phenix    1990
    Hal Lamb    1991
    Robert Cheek    1995
    Kyle Klatka    1996
    Joshua Roberts    2002
    Jonathan Black    2006
    Adam Dudenhoeffer    2009
    Collin Hughes    2010
    James Hamil    2011
    Zachary Berry    2012
  Houston Feaster    1997
    Sam Eichenblatt    2014

Commander's Club (Up to $99)
    Joseph May    1952
    Thomas Ryan    1972
    W. Scott Reedy    1994


Your donations will be put to use maintaining our Chapter House, funding Alumni events and maintaining our network of Alumni communications. Please consider doing your part, and joining the 2019 Honor Roll today. Join with your Brothers in giving back to Sigma Nu, by donating online HERE, calling our toll-free hotline at 1-800-975-6699, or by sending a check to P.O. Box 7007, Albert Lea, MN 56007-8007.