Brothers Discuss the Top Social Event the Year they Graduated

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We wanted to share some of the responses we got from our August “Question of the Month.” The question was; “What was the top social event at the house the year you graduated?”

During our college years we attended a lot of parties, dinners, dances, concerts and every other kind of social event you could think of that you probably haven’t been to in years. While the memory banks can get a little cloudy over time, all of us have that memory of the one great event from our senior year that sticks out.

Maybe you met your spouse at this event or it was memorable because of a prank or the cops being called. Maybe it was just a magical time where all of your friends and Brothers were together in one place for the last time and the future was bright and right in front of you.


We got four responses from Brothers who read last month’s eLetter.

1. Friday and Saturday parties

2. Island Party, of course

3. Island Party

4. White Rose Formal

Let us know if any of you wants to share an additional story or have anything to add to these answers by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Check out our question of the month in THIS month’s edition and share a story with the rest of your Brothers.