Commander's Update - Spring 2019

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A Note From Commander Ben Cook ( ME, Pledge Class 2016)

The Gamma Alpha Chapter has just wrapped up a successful spring semester. The Chapter finished in the top half of Greek organizations for grades and received a GPA above that of the campus average. We also want to congratulate all of our 15 Brothers that graduated this past spring. A number of them will be returning to Georgia Tech to continue their education, but most will be beginning their careers in the coming months. In addition, we ended our spring pledgeship by adding 5 new members to the Chapter. We are very happy with the addition of these young men, and we are excited to see what they will contribute to the Gamma Alpha Chapter.

For the summer semester, our Brothers will be all around the globe. There are multiple Brothers who are studying abroad and will be traveling throughout Europe and parts of Asia. Many Brothers are also working internships at companies such as Microsoft, NCR, Ethicon, and Siemens. A good number of the Brothers are remaining in Atlanta for the summer semester and taking classes at Tech. The responsibility of summer rush mainly falls upon these Brothers. So far, there have been many candidates who have come by and visited the house. As the summer goes on, more bids will be given out so that we can get a strong base to help build an even larger pledge class through formal rush in August. If you know of any incoming students to Tech (whether they be new freshmen or transfer students), we would love to reach out to them and have them come out to some events. Any lead would be greatly appreciated!

There are also many improvements being made to the house. Our study room is in the process of being renovated and furnished for use during the fall semester. This renovation has been made possible by our alumni association and nationals, so we would like to thank them very much for helping us to improve our already terrific house. In addition, many Brothers have taken the initiative to revamp the backyard and pool area, so we thank them for all the work that they have done this summer. As Brothers, we all take pride in the house, and we are very fortunate to have the house that we do. We look forward to maintaining and improving upon the house, and we can’t wait for our alumni to see the house during game days and alumni events this year! We’d like to thank the alumni for all of your support, and as always if you ever need to reach out, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..