Does Anyone Remember the 1978 Island Party?

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Island Party Photos Wanted

We received an update a few years ago from Duke Claussen (GA #1436) where he shared his best Sigma Nu memory which, was of the annual Island Party. He wrote, "Back then, during my senior year in 1978, we built a two-story structure over the pool with a rope bridge that spanned the length of the pool. Building the structure was a huge part of the fun. The party was one of the highlights of my time at GT. We reminisced about the fact that no one worried about any injuries and thankfully no one got hurt. In addition, it was one of the best times I can remember as my pledge class was attending our last big party together.”

Duke goes on to add, "I consider my Sigma Nu brothers as lifelong friends. Being a member of Sigma Nu taught me the importance of building true friendships. I have known many of these guys for over 40 years. Although we may not see each other often enough, when we do, all the memories and closeness come rushing back."

We would like to ask all brothers who were present for this party in '78 if any pictures were taken of the pool and rope bridge and if so, if you would share them on the website.

What are your best memories from your days at Sigma Nu? Share your stories, as well as those from recent reunions, in the Alumni Updates section.