Why Do You Give to Gamma Alpha?

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Some Thoughts On Why We Still Give

Gamma Alpha thanks all of the Brothers who have given to our organization in the past, as well as this year. Have you ever asked yourself why you give? Is it part of your charitable routine? Do you believe in affording the next generation of young men with the same experience you had with Gamma Alpha? Whatever the case, we thank you. Here are some reasons we collected from past surveys of other Sigma Nu members from various chapters around the country about why they have and continue to give back to our organization:

"I give to thank the Chapter for giving me the opportunity to know all of the guys that I lived with those years but also so that other young men just coming into the Chapter might have the same opportunity to develop these life long bonds.  Bonds that, to me, I hold very close to my heart and I will take to my grave.  I kid you not my Brothers, I think of these men almost every day."

"I am not at all wealthy, so I can not afford to give LARGE cash donations to any organization, let alone large universities with large endowments.  "Giving" there feels like adding a drop to the ocean of cash they already have. Sigma Nu is a better choice. My fondest memories of my time at college revolve around the fraternity, and my "small" donation will be put to use on real, tangible projects."

"As a pledge, the Brothers encouraged me to get involved in other campus activities. These experiences gave me an opportunity to learn leadership skills that were invaluable in the business world, and later life.  These were just as important as the friendships and social aspects developed while at the house. I hope that today's brothers will also have the opportunity to gain from similar experiences."

"Being a part of Sigma Nu was such a fantastic part of my college experience. One of the key tenets that the brothers instilled in me while pledging was to "always take care of and respect the house and brotherhood" and by contributing to the annual fund I feel like I am able to do this."


So what are YOUR reasons? Let us know here.