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So Many Untold Sigma Nu Stories...

Our alumni site has a section for sharing your stories about your time with Sigma Nu. Five years ago we ran an article with some of the better stories from this section. In case you missed it, here they are. Please let us know if you have any stories or old pictures to share by visiting the website and going to Alumni Updates.'

What is the memory that makes you laugh hardest today?

"The great time in the upstairs hall hanging out with brothers listening to music. The WILD time some older brothers brought some exotic dancer to the chapter for a PRIVATE show for the whole house. Willie and his carrying on about someting.The close friendship with my brothers specially during Flag football games. GREAT TIMES WITH GREAT FRIENDS/BROTHERS the best days of college."-William (Bill) H. Stafford, '72

"Running up the Hill for an 8:00am class but having to stop at the old Robbery in the basement of the Ad Bldg. for coffee and donuts."-Joeseph E. May, '47

"Seeing Ryan Triick with long hair and green shoes."-Ben Samuelson, '93

"Building the first fraternity swimming pool in the state of Georgia was quite an achievement. (think it was the spring and summer of '56) I remember coming down the hill from class and seeing barefooted brothers pouring and walking around in the concrete for the bottom of the pool like they were playing in mud. No one told them that concrete will "burn". They survived and we had a most successful rush season that year. It was an engineering achievement because of the rock we encounterd about 2 or 3 feet below the patio surface. After the pool was filled for the first time, our neighbors decided the color was not good and added a yellow dye marker. 20,000 gallons down the drain!"-Harvey Clarke, '56

Describe the best party

"One spring friday nite, the beta's had a shrimp & beer party. By Sunday nite the stench from the dumpster we shared with them "stunk to high heaven", and the prevailing breeze was coming Sigma Nu way and polluting the air in our house. Sigma Nu Jeff Tiller and a BETA (Chris Maletto) with the full approval of all, set the shrimp garbage in the dumpster on fire using gasoline. The problem was they used too much gasoline and flames were shooting at least a hundred feet into the air. Before the situation could be remedied, the fire trucks up on North Ave. were headed our with sirens blaring. All brothers from Sigma Nu and Beta Theta Pi were out on their roofs, window ledges, and balconies by now. When the firemen arrived in full fire gear (it had been reported a fraternity house was on fire) everyone was "CHEERING THEM ON". When the lead fireman with the big fire hose nozzle realized it was only a dumpster, he looked around then proceeded to let the fire hose pressurized blast of water on all the Sigma Nu and Beta guys hanging out looking over the scene. Everyone got soaked and had a great laugh, including the firemen. They eventually put out the fire in the dumpster. Sigma Nu and Beta ultimately had to pay for a new dumpster. The fire one got so hot the sides of the dumpster got bowed out. One final note, some Sigma Nus got a garden hose and began spraying the fireman, only to get a direct blast from the firehose that knocked them back onto the parking lot. Spring 1974"-Jerry B. Hatcher, '71

"Jungle "Yard" parties."-Robert Rhinehart, '61

Describe your favorite/best road trip

"At midnight the day before Georgia Tech was to be playing in the National Championship in San Antonio, Texas, my pledge brother called me about taking a trip to the game. An hour later at 1am we were on our way. We drove through the night to San Antonio and even made friends and shared a drink with some Tech Alum at the Texas border. We arrived in San Antonio 2 hours before the game, and we had just enough to enjoy the Riverwalk and Chant "Yellow Jackets" with the other Tech fans."-Jason Plamp, '03

What is the one memory you have shared or will share with your children or grandchildren?

"Although some chapter meetings could be long and boring, I always enjoyed the fact that a diverse group of individuals could come together and conduct 'business' with such fun and passion. There are so many hilarious chapter meeting moments, but if there was ever a brother that provided the best real time perspective on our goings-on, I have to think of Anthony Bahr."-Mark Homrich, '82

"Trust me...I have many...Gamma Alpha/Sigma Nu is my home and where I grew up at GT."-Frank Spears, '70

"Teamwork in multiple dimensions - from sports to cleaning the house."-Matt McKenna, '75