Brothers pleased that Patriots fans couldn't make Super Bowl party

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Like many Americans, Chris Germann tuned into the Super Bowl last month. And like many people rooting for the Falcons, he watched in stunned belief as the Patriots came back to win their fifth Super Bowl. He sent us a short story about how he spent that night. We present it to you here.

“On Super Bowl Sunday, a group of like-minded individuals (of various pledge classes) gathered at the Village Mill Clubhouse (Brother Ben Samuelson’s home) to watch our beloved Atlanta Falcons mess the bed against the New England (cheaters) Patriots. Two notable brothers – Brother Dan London and Brother Ryan Curry – were not in attendance and their absence was certainly welcome: #notmychampions, #falconswonthepopularvote. It should be noted that both absent brothers are currently Patriot fans, and were terrible pledges."

In the photo at left, Brother Germann (left) is shown with brother Eric Cassidy.