"I Feel Like I Will Always Have a Home"

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Carter Gillon, an undergraduate brother of the Gamma Alpha Chapter, says that he's incredibly thankful Sigma Nu has provided him with a strong community to rely on for support during his college years. "For most college freshmen, their first year is a very turbulent time, as getting accustomed to new people, locations, rules, and cultures can be extremely overwhelming," he said.

He added that he knows many people at Georgia Tech who aren't part of a fraternity, and their first year was much different than his. "They spent the majority of their first year learning how to navigate these challenges and find their niche at school, but joining Sigma Nu instantly provided me with tons of people who were dedicated to setting the new class up for success and instilling within us the values and work ethic that are necessary to excel in college," he said. 

Although being a new member of a group can be a challenge sometimes, Carter says that he knew from the beginning that every Sigma Nu brother was invested in his membership. "They really want us to develop into honorable fraternity men and well-rounded members of the school community," he said. 

The fraternity, and his brothers, provide him with a much-needed escape from the rigorous school environment at Georgia Tech. "I know I can always count on my brothers to go out of their way to give me the support I need to perform well in my classes, and they know that I would do the same. This mentality is one of the greatest things about being a Sigma Nu," he said. "The success of the Chapter is dependent on each of its members. And this drives us to be active in each other's school and personal lives in order to ensure that everyone is having a great experience." 

Carter says he's also extremely appreciative of Sigma Nu alumni who are involved with the chapter long after graduation. He says it's great seeing alumni come back because it's clear that the sense of community they experienced while they were students was strong enough to bring them back to Georgia Tech and share their own experiences with current brothers.

"The high level of alumni involvement combined with the dedication of the active brothers makes Sigma Nu such a special place. I feel like I will always have a home, not only at Georgia Tech, but wherever I go," said Carter. 

Carter is a second-year student majoring in chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Outside of Sigma Nu, he is a midshipman in the Georgia Tech battalion of Naval ROTC. He has a twin brother, named Evan, who is also a Sigma Nu.  

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