Alumnus Says Peanut Butter Sandwiches at The House Helped Him Through Tough Financial Times

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Robert Bailey ’54 said the Sigma Nu experience gave him many wonderful things, but he's most thankful for all the peanut butter. "If I could only thank Sigma Nu for one thing, it would be the gallon jugs of peanut butter and extra loaves of bread put out on the tables after lunch," he said. 

It turns out Robert had a good reason for liking all the peanut butter. "There was a time when I doubted whether I would have the funds to continue school at Georgia Tech. I could only afford to eat one meal a day at the Sigma Nu house, and I chose lunch. When the peanut butter and bread was put out for those who were still hungry, I made one or two sandwiches and put them under my shirt for my evening meal," he said. "So, thank you, Gamma Alpha, for all the peanut butter sandwiches" 

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