"Four Great Years of Fellowship and a Wonderful Life, All Due to Sigma Nu"

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Thomas and his wife Joan. 

We recently asked our alumni members how their lives might be different if they hadn't joined Sigma Nu. Thomas Hallyburton (GA #763) said that when he was instantly welcomed into a special fraternal friendship that would last his entire life. In addition to that, he would not have met the love of his life if he hadn't joined.

Thomas said: "When I joined Sigma Nu in 1951, I was a homesick kid for my family in Tennessee. When the brothers returned in the fall, I found a great group of veterans who welcomed a young kid into a special fraternal friendship that has lasted all my life. One older brother, Bill Maier (GA #756), took me under his wing and became my best friend. On Thanksgiving, he invited me to visit his home in NY. Having never been north of the Mason Dixon line, I was ready. The first morning, we slept late, and when I sat up in bed, the door opened and there stood the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. My friend and I

Bill Maier, one of Thomas’ best friends at Gamma Alpha

double dated that night. I returned to Atlanta and told my dad I had met the girl I would marry, and that I did. We have four wonderful children, eight beautiful grandchildren, and a beautiful home. Four great years of fellowship and a wonderful life, all due to Sigma Nu."


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