"I Always Feel Proud to Be Part of Sigma Nu"

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An athlete, engineer, and a worldly explorer. These are just some of the words you could use to describe Danny Coughlin. As a fourth year, undergraduate member of Sigma Nu, Danny has held multiple positions while also juggling extracurricular activities and playing for the Georgia Tech Lacrosse team.

He said that he joined Sigma Nu because, although he rushed some other fraternities, he always found himself coming back. “I felt at home at Sigma Nu, and I came to realize that I felt at ease here because of the people,” he said.

Danny added that the group of guys at Sigma Nu are extremely diverse, but they share many characteristics that are similar. “To this day, I am reminded that my brothers at Sigma Nu are why I joined and why it will always feel like home,” he said.

Danny even studied abroad with some of his Sigma Nu brothers in Lorraine, France the summer after his second year at Georgia Tech. “It was an incredible experience. We were able to travel to 10 countries throughout Europe,” he said.

Some of his favorite memories from the trip where when they backpacked through five cities on the Italian coast and watched the World Cup in Berlin.

Danny also plays lacrosse for Georgia Tech, and he said that he has been lucky enough to play alongside some of his Sigma Nu brothers. The rest share their support at every game. “We always have a large crowd of Sigma Nus cheering us on during big games. Between my time at the house and on the field, I always feel proud to be part of Sigma Nu,” he said. 

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