Alumnus Shares His Recent Successes

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We recently reached out to some Alumni to see what they have been up to in the last few years, and we got an interesting response from Shawn Spencer ’10. Shawn used to be a member of a band, called Seven Handle Circus, which was formed by several Sigma Nu’s while he was in college. “We toured for several years and released a couple albums, but decided to call it quits in August of 2015 because several of the guys decided to move on to different endeavors,” he said. 

Since then, Shawn has been working on a new project, called the Shawn Spencer Band. “We are starting to tour and beginning to work on a record with Grammy-winning producer Billy Hume,” he said

Shawn says that he has also been working on a mobile and web app called Metabutton. “It will be a social follow button aggregator that lets users follow brands on all of their social platforms from one screen,” he said.

Shawn has been pretty successful in achieving his goals, regardless of what it takes, so to his fellow Sigma Nu’s, he says, “Don’t forget to follow your dreams and never settle!”