“I Still Believe in Serving My Fellow Man, Being Honest, And Seeking Truth”

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We recently sent out a survey asking alumni how Sigma Nu’s core values play a role in their lives today, and George Smith ’63 shared his response along with his unique initiation story.

He said, “I learned the Creed as a Pledge to Gamma Alpha Chapter in 1959. I left Georgia Tech without being initiated and entered the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. The values of Sigma Nu are congruent with the values of West Point, ‘Duty, Honor, and Country.’ Because I went on to live the motto of West Point, I also followed a path of Love, Honor, and Truth. So much so, that I was finally initiated into the fraternity and chapter at the age of 72. I still believe in serving my fellow man, being honest, and seeking truth while providing leadership to organizations and family.”

How do Sigma Nu’s core values play a role in your life today? Share your response with us here.