A Freshman with a Bright Future

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He may only be a freshman, but he is quickly making a name for himself. Although he is only a first year college student, Evan Gillon he has already achieved great things. He interned at the Georgia Capitol and earned a position as the Editor in Chief of his local Odyssey News Outlet, but he attributes a lot of his success to his involvement in Sigma Nu.

What year are you?
I’m a first year student but a sophomore by credit hours.

What is your intended major?
I’m a Public Policy major.

What is your dream job?
My dream job, albeit unlikely, is to work in the White House as an advisor to the president, or as an advisor to a US Representative. I worked on State Representative Taylor Bennett’s competitive campaign over the summer, and I interned for him at the Georgia Capitol this past legislative session. I also currently work on David Dreyer’s campaign for House District 59. My dream would be to run the campaign of a national candidate who later decides to bring me along onto his staff, whether it is for Congress or President.

What positions have you held or currently hold in your fraternity?
As I’m a first year, I haven’t had the chance to go through the Sigma Nu election cycle yet. I'm currently a part of a LEAD (leadership, ethics, achievement, and development) program, and am a member of the Pursuit of Excellence (POE) committee, which strives to make our Sigma Nu chapter the best in the Nation through philanthropy and community service, academic achievement, campus involvement, and long-term leadership development in the chapter.

What made you want to join Sigma Nu?
I wanted to join Sigma Nu because of the environment the chapter provides for its members. Although Sigma Nu is primarily a social fraternity, many of its members go on to work for top companies in the Atlanta area or across the nation. There's a healthy and impressive balance of work and socialization, which has enabled me to meet new people, get involved in campus events, and overall allowed me to utilize my time during college in the best way possible. I wanted to join to move up to leadership positions within the fraternity as well. Greek Life at Georgia Tech isn’t necessarily large, but it is by far the largest outlet for social events. I wanted to have a role in a fraternity that is open to changing, doesn’t adhere to a certain stereotype, is composed of an intelligent and well-rounded group of brothers, and overall doesn’t take themselves too seriously. I want to have a role in that and how it influences GT’s campus; that’s why I joined Sigma Nu.

What is your favorite memory from being in Sigma Nu?
I haven’t been here too long, but my favorite memory so far was from a brotherhood retreat while I was still a pledge/candidate. The chapter hosted a night where we got to really sit down with all of the brothers, particularly the older ones, and talk about the vision of the fraternity and the values that we stand for. It was a great bonding experience and a reaffirmation of what I wanted to participate in.

Can you talk a little bit about your role with Odyssey News Outlet?
I’m the Editor in Chief for the Georgia Tech Odyssey. The Odyssey is an online newspaper written by college students for other college students or millennials. It has an amazing amount of traffic, with over 30 million monthly unique visitors. It works by hosting “chapters” or “communities,” primarily based on college campuses, and I’m the editor for Georgia Tech’s. I’m in charge of everything from the top down, so I recruit new writers, hire contributing editors and social media directors, communicate with the National headquarters in New York, edit articles weekly, and am in charge of the vision for the GT chapter.