Reaching New Heights while Preserving Our Longstanding Legacy

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Please provide some personal background on yourself (hometown, major, hobbies, future goals/plans etc.)
My name is Benjamin Wilson, and I’m a 3rd year Computer Science Major with concentrations in Systems/Architecture and Artificial Intelligence. I’ve lived in the same area my entire life, Buford, GA (near Mall of GA). I’m obviously heavily involved in Sigma Nu, but in my free time I enjoy watching sports, working out, and biking.


Why did you join Sigma Nu?
Joining Sigma Nu was almost entirely due to one of the members of my pledge class, Craig Cornick. I had convinced him to actually come out and rush, but he ended up checking out Sigma Nu without me. He mentioned that he really enjoyed it over there (especially the pool), and I decided to check it out. It just felt like the right place to join, so I ended up making my decision later that week.

Why did you choose to run for chapter president?
Running for chapter president was something I’ve wanted to do ever since I became a brother here. I’m not sure exactly what prompted the enthusiasm, but I felt that I wanted to assist people in prospering here, and help cultivate them into ethical leaders and individuals that any Sigma Nu should be. Our previous Commander, Spencer Neeley, was a huge role model for me, and I can really say he affirmed my interest to run for chapter president.

What are your top 3 goals/objectives during your term?
My top 3 goals this semester is:

Obtain Rock Chapter for 2016
Increase our Chapter GPA above a 3.2
Implement higher standards of risk management at social events

What are you most looking forward to in leading the chapter?
In general, my favorite thing about leading the chapter is having the ability to influence them, and imbue the values that I think are crucial and necessary to a strong group of men. It’s interesting to see all the different facets of the fraternity, from alumni relations to keeping the house in shape.

In your opinion, how does Sigma Nu stand apart from other fraternities on campus?
The Gamma Alpha Chapter of Sigma Nu, in my eyes, is one of the most diverse chapters on campus. We have brothers of various nationalities and personalities, but we are still able to converge on a few core values. To me, this says a lot about our chapter’s maturity and inclusiveness in nature.

What opportunities do alumni have to connect with the chapter this year?
Thanks to our extremely active alumni board, one of the first events in the pipeline is for our alumni to host mock interviews for brothers at the house. We’re looking forward to this event, and we hope to host many similar events (Homecoming, Alumni Band Party, etc.) later this year. We would certainly love any suggestions from alumni regarding events we could have.

Why are you proud to be a member of Gamma Alpha?
Honestly, it’s due to all the successful alumni that have come out of this chapter. Most of you can agree, due to the campaign of the new house, we have it much easier than brothers of the past. I certainly realize how impactful and supportive our alumni are, and our chapter is extremely grateful for what each and every brother has done before us.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you to all the alumni who have contributed to Sigma Nu; both with their time as active brothers and as alumni. We would be unable to maintain our reputation and status on campus without your help.

For more information about the daily happenings within the chapter, contact Benjamin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..