From the Campaign Chair

Now Is the Time to Make the New House a Reality

A Successful Campaign Requires Each of Us to Contribute


We have been engaged for the past four years in developing a long-term strategy for our beloved Gamma Alpha of Sigma Nu chapter at Georgia Tech. We felt it was vitally important to address several issues prior to launching the building campaign.

Thus far, our alumni association has been resurrected, and we have a new, energetic and enthusiastic leadership in place. The Sigma Nu Housing Corporation has been restructured and is positioned to ensure financial solvency, and to oversee the timely maintenance of the grounds and facilities regarding repairs and improvements.
Our newsletters, contact information including e-mail addresses, database, interactive Web site, alumni relations efforts, solicitations, annual giving, etc., have all been reestablished, scrubbed and polished to further engage and embrace our alumni.

Most importantly, the current undergraduate chapter and their leadership has assumed an extremely proactive posture that truly creates a sense of ownership, mission and chapter accountability. The undergraduate brothers of Gamma Alpha have endorsed and adopted visible and vested roles to ensure that Sigma Nu continues to excel as one of the top fraternities at Georgia Tech.

Now is the time for all Sigma Nu brothers to financially respond to make the new house a reality. Please consider a five-year pledge consistent with your capacity - this campaign will require all of us to stretch to make gifts.

The public phase of the project will commence this summer and has an expected completion date of fall 2007. Thank you for your consideration.

Gary T. Jones '68 (#1290)

Yes, it's been an eventful 110 years since our founding in 1896, and we're looking forward to striving to maintain and further strengthen our brotherhood's traditions and legacy for hopefully another 110 years and beyond!