Campaign Co-Chairmen

A Few Words from the Campaign's Leaders and Volunteers on How They Feel about Sigma Nu

Friendship, Brotherhood, Leadership, Teamwork: It's All That and More

Since 1896, Gamma Alpha of Sigma Nu at Georgia Tech has prepared men dedicated to promoting professional development and building a strong network among alumni. Our alumni are living testaments to the quality and integrity inherent in the Sigma Nu experience. Here are the thoughts of a few of the brothers involved in the capital campaign:

Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs

Charlie Brady '55 (#909)
"As a city school in the 1950s, Georgia Tech didn't offer much in the way of social structure. Being a part of Sigma Nu made a huge difference not only in my college experience but, more importantly, in my life experience. Everything I did was through the fraternity. It really was a family! Sigma Nu continues to inspire men to realize their potential. Even though we are all so different in so many ways, we will always share the common bond that forever links us as members of Gamma Alpha of Sigma Nu. Having been a part of the additions of the second floor on the current house I am honored to financially support the new house."

Rep. Phil Gingrey M.D. '62 (#1130)
"I did not want to join a fraternity where only one or two guys were outstanding. At Sigma Nu, there was an amazing cross-section of society and an extremely high standard of competitive excellence throughout the brotherhood. You had to have a competitive spirit to live in the house, and we were a big pledge class - over 50 of us. But everyone worked as a team. I am proud to be a Sigma Nu and honored to serve as one of the honorary co-chairs in support of this building campaign. Please consider making a five-year pledge."

Chester Stokes '62 (#1137)
"The fraternity was a big part of my early life. I made a lot of friends whom I keep in close contact with and who've been important in my life. I've always been of a mind to give back, and I'm fortunate to be in the position to do so. The fraternity's been good to me. Sigma Nu was just a close group of guys. If you ever needed help of any kind, you could always find it, whether it was help studying or someone to talk to about your girlfriend. I want future students to be able to have that kind of support. Providing a lead gift for the Gamma Alpha of Sigma Nu building campaign is the least I can do in return for all the wonderful memories and treasured relationships I have because of Sigma Nu."

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