Mission Statement

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Gamma Alpha of Sigma Nu Mission Statement

The Gamma Alpha chapter of the Sigma Nu fraternity is committed to promoting leadership, responsibility, and academics, as well as to nurture an unrivaled bond of brotherhood. This brotherhood is achieved through each member's dedication to honor, truth and love.

Every member of this chapter has leadership potential and we collectively endeavor to help each candidate and brother discover and use this potential. The development of these leadership traits prepares each member to be a leader on campus and lays a strong foundation for future success.

Responsibility is a key outcome of the honor instilled into each member from day one as a Sigma Nu candidate. This is demonstrated through the respect every Sigma Nu shows towards fellow brothers, students, and peers, as well as by paying utmost attention to the care of his surroundings and his financial obligations.

The pursuit of academic excellence is a cornerstone of this chapter. It is each brother's responsibility to support this goal through his actions as well as the encouragement of other members.

Every brother who walks through these doors will leave them with the strength of character and personality enabling him to rise to the top of any conviction he wishes to pursue. In turn, the depth of character and strength of brotherhood contained within each individual member will increasingly strengthen the chapter so that through the contributions of every brother, current and alumnus, the Gamma Alpha chapter's greatness will never cease to strengthen.