ANNUAL FUND UPDATE – A CALL TO ACTIONHelp Us Make the 2019 Giving Year Strong!

Our 2019 giving year, which began on January 1, 2019, is three months in with $10,645 collected from 53 brothers. We want to thank those 53 brothers (you can find them under the Honor Roll tab on our website) who have already made a contribution to Gamma Alpha so far this giving year!

Our 2019 giving year goal was for $30,000. Last year only 81 out of 1,272 alumni chose to make a voluntary gift. Since we have not met our goal — we still need your help. Who will be next to join our 2019 Honor Roll?



Do You Remember Gamma Alpha March Madness?

Do You Remember Gamma Alpha March Madness?Share your favorite story with us!

We all love to reminisce. It’s great fun to remember all the memorable (and often hilarious) times we had together as brothers. Many of your fondest memories of college, may be related to your participation in sporting events with your Gamma Alpha brothers. March Madness is an event that has often united brothers in following the contest to see who was college basketball’s best team. If it was the home team, we were off the charts in rallying our support and if we didn’t have a team in the hunt, we still enjoyed the games (pizza and the occasional beverage.)

So what are your special March Madness memories?

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Gamma Alpha – A Bond Unbroken

Gamma Alpha – A Bond UnbrokenThoughts on Why We Give

“When I meet a brother, unseen or without contact over many years, the connection is still felt.”

Have you ever asked yourself why you give-if you give, that is? If the statisticians are right, only one brother in ten is likely to give back regularly once they put on their cap and gown.

There are lots of good reasons to give, of course. Do you believe in affording the next generation of young men the same experience you had with Gamma Alpha? Maybe something good happened to you just by being together in that house, sharing those experiences that helped make you who you are now.

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