Gamma Alpha – A Bond Unbroken

Thoughts on Why We Give

“When I meet a brother, unseen or without contact over many years, the connection is still felt.”

Have you ever asked yourself why you give-if you give, that is? If the statisticians are right, only one brother in ten is likely to give back regularly once they put on their cap and gown.

There are lots of good reasons to give, of course. Do you believe in affording the next generation of young men the same experience you had with Gamma Alpha? Maybe something good happened to you just by being together in that house, sharing those experiences that helped make you who you are now.

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Fun-Raising Rather than Fund-Raising

Instead of just asking for money, focus on fun and creative ways to re-ignite Alumni passion.

“Those were the happiest days of my life,” say many fraternity brothers about their carefree college days. That should make it easy for fraternal alumni organizations to maintain an active and involved membership, right?  But often it’s not so easy. Time passes, memories fade and alumni sometimes feel that the only reason their fraternity contacts them is to ask for money.

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This Way, Brother

Mentoring is one of the best ways to give back

Rocky had his trainer Mick, Luke Skywalker had Obi-Wan and the Karate Kid had Mr. Miyagi. When starting out, we all need help – a guide, a coach, a teacher, a mentor to help us avoid the pitfalls and navigate our way to success. Mentorship and networking have long been recognized as important aspects of the collegiate and fraternity experience.

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