Mentoring Program a Win-Win

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Frank, an Atlanta native who earned his Bachelors and Master's degrees in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech, has worked in commercial construction since he graduated in December 1973. He is participating in Sigma Nu's mentoring program because he likes helping students with options in their eventual careers.

"My goal is to share with them where I believe opportunities are and what the emerging trends in the construction and consulting engineering business are," said Frank. "I learn something as well from this mentoring relationship. It becomes a win-win for both of us."

Frank encourages his fellow Sigma Nu alumni brothers to volunteer as a mentor for a current active.

"If a brother has the time to devote to mentoring a Sigma Nu brother starting out, it is extremely rewarding, especially when you finally see them making successful career moves that you help set in motion," he said.

The program has had an obvious impact and benefit to the actives--and the alumni--who are participating.

"Outside of the obvious opportunity of receiving internships or co-ops, the program offers the opportunity of meeting successful alumni in your major that want to give back to the community," said Thomas. "They have much more to offer than just networking potential."

Alumni Mentors

Last school year, we created a mentor program for the Sigma Nu actives, loosely modeled on the GT mentor program. Thank you to the alumni who are currently serving as active mentors to our undergraduates…

Clint Bailey (GA #1740)
Alex Brown (GA #1759)
Jason Check (GA #1853)
Al Etheridge (GA #1723)
Jason Peters (GA #1835)
Brent Reid (GA #1507)
Nick Romano (GA #1753)
Josh Roberts (GA #1810)
Erik Weston (GA #1695)
Derek Patterson (GA #1801)
Jonathan Sangster (GA #1946)
Adam Fuller (GA #1701)
Brent Sholl (GA #1758)
Kirk Leverone (GA #1803)
Steve Baldwin (GA #1274)
Eric Gorli (GA #1761)
Scott Hall (GA #1754)
Kyle Tomlin (GA #1700)
PJ Bain (GA #1682)
Dave Barber (GA #1748)
Joe Gammie (GA #2032)
Stan Deak (GA #1792)
Frank Spears (GA #1326)
Grant Norwood (GA #1673)
Scott Reedy (GA #1705)

Would you like to make a difference in the life of a young Sigma Nu brother? Contact Alex Brown at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on how you can serve as a mentor.